More and more people are introducing FRESH PRESSED JUICES into their diet, because they are not getting the nutrients needed from the foods in today's world.

Juice cleanses are becoming very popular, and for good reason.  The cleanses consist of replacing meals with fruit and vegetable juices for a period of anything from 1-5 days for beginners, to up to even 2 weeks for the more experienced .


o   Juicing is one of the fastest ways to lose weight
o   Gives you a mega-shot of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants
o   Reduces Inflammation
o   Detoxifies
o   Cleanses your colon and other major organs
o   Boosts your immune system
o   Prevents and fights many diseases

Jiji Juice Bar offers you vegan, dairy-free, preservative-free & gluten-free juices, jam-packed with love and goodness!

Lovely place with tasty juices!

Carole R.

Der Saft ist spitze, in den Store muss man aber nicht unbedingt gehen. Man kann den Saft auch im we love food market...

Sebastien K.

They got the best juices I never drank!! I LOVE IT! 


"Very fresh cold pressed juices. If you need a cleanse after drinking a lot, that's the right place..."

Felipe A.

Jiji Juice Bar

30 Loop Street, City Bowl, Cape Town

Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm
Saturday, 8am - 5pm
Sunday, 8am - 4pm

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